What are alias email addresses?

Have you noticed that you can reach us under hello@moreweb.nz, help@moreweb.nz as well as under support@moreweb.nz? These look like three different email addresses but they are actually the same. Emails sent to any of those three end up in the same mailbox. We call those alternative email addresses or alias mailboxes. This is not unusual. […]

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Octopoly Special Promo Email Address

Vodafone discontinuing free email addresses

Just a few days ago Vodafone announced their plans to discontinue all of their free email address solutions. Vodafone took this decision after ongoing problems and technical issues resulted in increased amount of spam for the users and noticable delays. Services affected by the shut down: vodafone.co.nz vodafone.net.nz ihug.co.nz wave.co.nz quik.co.nz pcconnect.co.nz paradise.net.nz clear.net.nz es.co.nz […]

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