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From $ 500 /excl. GST

  • 1 website up to 5 pages
  • Domain name for one year
  • Web hosting for one year
  • Personalised email address
  • Contact form
  • More details

SEO (Search Engine Optimised)

Using our internally developed keyword and SEO website structure allows us to setup the website optimised to receive ongoing passive traffic from online users right from the start.

Responsive Design

We design and develop all websites in fluid or responsive layout, which means they are mobile friendly and optimised to look great on any screen size, computer, pad, or mobile.

What you get

  • Your website domain name
  • A modern and responsive website with up to 5 pages
  • Free web hosting for one year
  • A personalised email address under your website domain name
  • Ongoing web design assistance with preferred hourly rates
  • Price includes one-year of website hosting, domain hosting, and free email, standard annual rates will apply after the first year.
  • Please note that online shops are excluded due to the bigger scope of work required.
  • Let us know if you need an online store or additional features to your website and we can provide you with a custom quote.

How it works

Step 1. Project Scoping

You talk, we listen. Share your vision with us.

It is important for us to understand what you want to achieve with your website. The more we know about your idea and vision, the more details we receive, the better we can plan and optimise your website.

Step 2. Essential Research

We start with your project; Research and Planning.

Using our keyword research method we identify the most suitable keywords for your business. It is the basis for the website structure, search engine optimisation and targeted website content.

Step 3. Website Design

We bring your website idea to life.

We design your website based on your vision and style, using relevant imagery and photos provided by you. With your help we write website content optimised for your target audience.

4. Review and Launch

You review test the website and provide feedback.

Once you have revised the website and we have updated the website according to your actionable feedback, we will finalise and publish it and make it available to your customers.

5. Ongoing Support

Contact us if you need help or advice.

We remain at your disposal also after we handed over the website to you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for additional changes or updates of your website of if you need assistance with marketing and growth.

Some Websites we built

Moreweb NZ Web Design Example
Moreweb NZ Web Design Example
Moreweb NZ Web Design Example
Moreweb NZ Web Design Example
Moreweb NZ Web Design Example
Moreweb NZ Web Design Example
Moreweb NZ Web Design Example
Moreweb NZ Web Design Example
Moreweb NZ Web Design Example

Web Design Service FAQ

It takes on average around 3 weeks from the start of a small business website until the launch of the finished product. The progress and timeframe depends on various factors, like how long our backlog is, if we have to wait for information from our customers needed to proceed, etc.

Once we have your input and all information from your side, we are usually able to finish the website within 3 weeks, sometimes also faster.

Our special offer of $500 + GST includes all costs for the creation and design of your website, plus ongoing costs for the first year.

After the first year, the ongoing costs are the annual renewal fee of the domain name you have chosen (see domain price list here) and the monthly fee for the web hosting (see web hosting prices here).

One email address is included with your domain name and will remain free as long as your domain is registered with us. Optional additional email addresses for colleagues, employees or other purposes come with an additional monthly fee depending on the mailbox size (see mailbox prices here).

The initial website has been paid for and no additional costs occur for it. You will have full control of your website and can take care of any changes yourself. If you want to make changes to your website and prefer that one of our web designers takes care of that, we will charge an hourly rate of $80.

Quotes are free and non-binding, feel free to contact us at any time.

The licenses for purchased images and photos are owned by the entity or person who acquires them. If we develop your website and use photos we purchased, we are in a weird legal situation in which you buy a site of which you don’t own the photos.

In case you decide to move your domain or website away from Moreweb, we wouldn't be able to prevent you from using those photos. To avoid copyright conflicts, customers are best to acquire and own the licences themselves.

Note: You should always ensure you have the rights to any images you use. You cannot use images found on search engines such as Google unless they have been purchased or are license free, this could result in legal complications for you. There are many websites that provide beautiful license free images check out our blog post on getting your hands on images for your website.

Of course you can. There are many do it yourself website builders and website building kits out there. Most of which can also be used by non technical people. The question is how much your time is worth to you. Is building a website yourself really the best you can do with your time?

Or instead, would it be financially more viable and profitable for you to develop your brand, work on your business plan, focus on your marketing, find new customers instead or even take care of your existing ones? In case you have never built a website and you are not sure about the best way to structure it and setup the pages and content, it might make more sense to let us take care of the technical when, how, what and where.

If you want to built your website yourself, have a look at our Unlimited Web Hosting and Managed Wordpress products.

After choosing a memorable domain name with the most appropriate extension, what else is left? It depends on the purpose of your website. Based on what you want to achieve, research and preparation are primary. Your target audience, your competitors, your mission; all need to be checked out.

Interesting and relevant content is essential. Explain your products and how they’ll benefit your customers. Happy customers keep coming back. Don´t forget, whatever makes the users happy also keeps Google happy, and this will have a positive effect on your ranking.

If you sell products on your website and you accept credit card payment, for the sake of your customers you must use an SSL certificate on your site. An SSL certificate secures all your online communication and transactions with your customers. Protecting you and your customers. Without the protection of an SSL certificate your site is vulnerable to phishing attacks and your customers’ personal information is not safe.

In short, we can help you with as much or as little assistance as you require. In detail, we can help you with, the initial keyword research, marketing strategy, creating the logo, finding the best domain names and securing them, designing the website, ongoing website SEO (though we think the best way is to provide good service and create high quality content on an ongoing basis) and even brand protection, securing your intellectual property online.

Or you can do all of the above yourself and let us only help when you actually need it. It is really up to you.