Switch Domain Registrar

For a flawless domain name registrar change, follow these simple steps:

1. Unlock your domain

Domain names need to be unlocked by your current registrar. Sometimes it has to be done manually in their account, sometimes it happens automatically when you ask for the authcode, depending on your registrar and the extension.

2. Ask for the authcode

Ask your current registrar for the domain transfer code, also known as authcode (authinfo). Some registrars provide you with the authcode by email, some show it in their account next to the domain name.

3. Initiate the transfer

Start the transfer, sit back and relax. Our system will keep you updated on the status. You’ll receive a confirmation email once the transfer has processed successfully and the name is in your Moreweb account.

Let us help you

If you have multiple domain names or a portfolio of names you wish to transfer, we can help you consolidate all your domain names with us.
We will prepare a domain transfer plan for you, which will make the domain migration process very easy. Having and managing all your domains at one place will save you time and money.

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Domain Name FAQ

A domain transfer is when a domain owner decides to transfer their domain name to another domain registrar. Transferring a domain name is simply the change of your domain name provider. Domain owners are free to choose their domain registrar and are entitled to transfer their domain name between domain providers as they wish. However, there is a 60 day lock period, which starts whenever a domain name has been transferred.

  • Maybe you have your domains registered with multiple registrars and prefer to have all with one single registrar.
  • You might have issues with your current domain provider; maybe their service quality is decreasing.
  • Your current domain name registrar might stop offering a certain feature or service which you like.
  • Or a different domain registrar offers products and services your current partner doesn’t.
  • Perhaps you want to get cheaper domain names and reduce your renewal fees.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a domain owners might consider changing their domain provider. And there is no reason why they shouldn´t, Domain Transfers between domain registrars are generally pretty simply and straightforward. Let us know if you are considering transferring your domain names to Moreweb. We are happy to assist you with your transfer or simply take care of the transfer procedure for you.

Why keep and renew your domain name with an expensive domain provider, when you are free to transfer your domain name and get better service and cheaper prices somewhere else?

To transfer a domain name into your account with Moreweb, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Moreweb account.
  3. Select Transfer from another registrar.
  4. Enter the domain name(s) you wish to transfer in the box, one per line.
  6. Click on CHANGE SETTINGS and edit the domain owner and name server as needed.
  7. If required by the extension, provide additional information like Authcodes, documents, etc.
  8. Continue by clicking on NEXT STEP.
  9. Add additional services you may require and click on REVIEW & PAYMENT.
  10. Select the payment method and accept our terms and conditions.
  11. Click on PLACE ORDER.

Please note, gTLDs (.COM, .NET, .ORG, etc.) usually require an authcode for the transfer. You can receive the authcode from your current provider. ccTLDs have various different transfer procedures, please check on our TLD page for the exact procedure or contact our support.

Websites can go offline if a transfer includes a change of the name servers. To avoid any outage of your website, it is important to setup the zone profile of the domain on the new name servers, before initiating the transfer.

If you transfer your domain name to Moreweb, you can setup your zone profile prior to the transfer, following the below procedure:

  1. Ask your current provider to provide you with the DNS zone file of your domain, if possible in BIND format.
  2. Once you have the zone file in BIND format, log in to your account.
  3. Go to PROFILES > ZONE and click on + ZONE PROFILE.
  4. Click on IMPORT ZONE FILE.
  5. Copy and paste the zone file from your BIND format file into the field and click on IMPORT.
  6. Check that the information has been imported correctly and confirm by clicking on the check icon on the right.
  7. Click on RENAME ZONE PROFILE and give the profile a name. Click on RENAME once finished.
  8. Now click SAVE CHANGES.

Please note, we recommend to wait at least 24 hours before initiating the transfer, as it can take up to 24 hours until a zone file is propagated throughout the Internet. If you are not sure about the import of your BIND file, feel free to contact our support. We are more than happy to help you.

The duration of a domain transfer depends on the extension. Most generic Domain Extensions (gTLDs and nTLDs) are fully automated and the transfer works via authcode; these transfers are usually finished within a week.

You can use this as a rule of thumb: if you initiate a transfer using an authcode, the transfer should be finished within a week, otherwise something might hold up the transfer and it is worth checking the status of the transfer in your account under Pending Actions.

Country Code Domain Extensions (ccTLDs) on the other hand, are completely different. Many ccTLDs have a special unique transfer procedure, involving documents and confirmation. Few can even take up to several weeks.

Exceptions are internal domain transfers from one Moreweb customer to another, those are instant.

If you have doubts about the transfer procedure for a specific TLD, have a look at our domain landing pages. You will find all the important information there. You are also always welcome to contact us.

After you have initiated the transfer of your domain name transfer, you can track the status of the transfer procedure in your Moreweb account. The domain name will show up in your account under DOMAINS > Pending.

Our system shows the current status of the transfer and if your input is needed. In case we need additional information or help from your side (e.g. a new authcode), the system will shows the required piece of information.

Internal transfers between two Moreweb customers are very fast and simple. The two involved customers have to follow the steps below:

Transfer-out customer (Losing customer)

Single domain:

  1. Log into your Moreweb account and go to DOMAIN NAMES > ACTIVE.
  2. Hover over the domain and click on MANAGE.
  3. In the Transfer section on the right side, select TRANSFER TO ANOTHER OCTOPOLY CUSTOMER and click on TRANSFER.
  4. Enter the login name or account number of the new Moreweb account and click INITIATE TRANSFER.
  5. CONFIRM the transfer.

Multiple domains:

  1. In your Moreweb account go to DOMAIN NAMES > ACTIVE.
  2. Hover over the domain and click on MANAGE.
  3. Select the domain names that you want transfer internally.
  4. Scroll to the end of the list and select INTERNAL TRANSFER in the drop-down menu in the 1 Action section.
  5. Under 2 Scope, choose SELECTED DOMAINS.
  6. Now click on RUN BULK OPERATION next to it.
  7. Enter the login name or account number of the new Moreweb account and click INITIATE TRANSFER.
  8. CONFIRM the transfer.

Transfer-in customer (Gaining customer)

  1. Log into your Moreweb account and go to DOMAIN NAMES > TRANSFER.
  2. Check Internal transfer and select All or Incoming.
  3. Hover over the incoming transfer domain(s) and click on ACCEPT.
  4. The domain name will be in the new account within few minutes.

The transfer to another registrar has to be initiated with your new registrar. Please ask your new registrar what they require in order to initiate the transfer. In your Moreweb account you can already prepare the transfer and unlock the domain name(s):

  1. Log in to your Moreweb account and go to DOMAIN NAMES.
  2. Hover over the domain name and click on MANAGE.
  3. In the Transfer section on the right side, select TRANSFER TO ANOTHER REGISTRAR and click on TRANSFER.
  4. Click on CONFIRM.

Some domain extensions require an authorization code for the transfer. If required by your domain, the authcode will be automatically sent to your account email address after a security waiting period of 5 days.