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Core Shared Hosting

$ 5/month

  • 10 GB traffic per month
  • 1 GB SSD storage
  • 1 website
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • SSL support
  • Backup Manager
  • Linux OS
Moreweb NZ Advanced Hosting Icon

Advanced Hosting

$ 15/month

  • 50 GB traffic per month
  • 10 GB SSD storage
  • 10 websites
  • Unlimited domains/subdomains
  • SSL support
  • Backup Manager
  • Linux OS
Moreweb NZ Advanced Plus Hosting Icon

Advanced Plus Hosting

$ 25/month

  • 200 GB traffic per month
  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • 20 websites
  • Unlimited domains/subdomains
  • SSL support
  • Backup Manager
  • Linux OS


Personal, e-commerce, and small business web hosting that allows for traffic growth and provides ample resources and bandwidth. Add unlimited domains and subdomains.


Intuitive backup management, DDoS Attack protection (levels 3 and 4), and SSL support. Advanced and Simple web hosting plans deliver strong data protection and performance.


Both of our hosting plans make it easy to configure and manage all the necessary services you need to run your website, including DNS, FTP, and databases.

Build your own Website

Our Shared Web Hosting is the right choice for those who prefer to build and design their own website. You’ll get access to your own web hosting with a selection of content management systems and website builders, which can be installed quickly and conveniently with a single click.
You maintain and manage the website and web hosting yourself and keep full control over it at all times. Update, change or improve your website at any time. Choose from various pre-settings and activate the automatic website backup feature to secure your site - just in case.
Our hosting plans include the popular Plesk Onyx control panel. Build your website, run updates, and monitor performance all through one customisable interface. Intuitive navigation features make it easy to access all the functionalities you need to manage your site.

DIY website Murray the morepork icon

Plesk Shared Web Hosting

Our Core Shared web hosting is perfect for small businesses and personal websites while our Advanced hosting is a robust solution for e-commerce sites and more traffic heavy business websites.
Both solutions offer optimal server stability, performance and state-of-the-art security. Our web hosting comes with a modern point-and-click control panel, allowing you to easily and conveniently perform server administration tasks.

Choose your web hosting service

Advanced or Core Shared web hosting? Choosing the right web hosting plan up front will save you headaches later. Start by comparing our plans so you can make the best choice. If you’re still unsure, contact our sales team or your account manager who will be glad to assist.


* Based on an average, rich content, web page size of 2.5MB including a backup.

** Page request based on an average, rich content, web page size of 2.5MB.
* 1 GB = 1024 MB
* GB = Gigabyte > MB = Megabyte

SitePad Website Builder

Build your own website with SitePad, a drag and drop website builder that includes every website design feature you could want. Talk about convenient. One click is all it takes to publish static pages directly to your domain! Available with our Core shared or Advanced web hosting plans.
SitePad website builder comes with an intuitive editor, one-click publishing, hundreds of customisable templates, and a full range of widgets. A simple website builder for business or personal projects.

Moreweb NZ Plesk Control Panel
Moreweb NZ Plesk Control Panel
Moreweb NZ Plesk Control Panel


Select your theme. Add your content. Click publish. You’re live! Static web pages (HTML, CSS, JS) are published directly to your domain so your site performs faster.


SitePad website builder was created with responsive design in mind. Full compatibility means your site can be browsed as intended from any device or browser.


Drag and drop text and image blocks into place. Use the editor to replicate customised elements. Hit publish. You’re done. Website design couldn’t be simpler.


Hundreds of clean, modern themes you can make your own with simple editing features. Get a professional looking website without having to pay a web designer.


Simple website builder features like easy-to-install widgets, image/video slider, and social media buttons will add functionality and aesthetic interest to your site.


SidePad website builder is fully integrated into the Plesk Onyx control panel. You just need to provide your domain name. We will automatically configure DNS settings for you.

Shared Web Hosting FAQ

Domains are the building blocks for all online services. Whether you want to have a personal email address or blog, a company website or an online shop, all of these need a domain name to work.

With the number of people using the Internet growing, more shopping is done online. This makes it essential that all companies, in particular SMBs, build an online presence and ensure their products and services are available to a larger audience.

Smaller businesses in particular profit from an increased audience. Every customer is important and missing opportunities is one of the main reasons many SMBs struggle in the first couple of years. Create your website immediately; with our help you’ll be up and running in no time.

After choosing a memorable domain name with the most appropriate extension, what else is left? It depends on the purpose of your website. Based on what you want to achieve, research and preparation are primary. Your target audience, your competitors, your mission; all need to be checked out.

Interesting and relevant content is essential. Explain your products and how they’ll benefit your customers. Happy customers keep coming back. Don´t forget, whatever makes the users happy also keeps Google happy, and this will have a positive effect on your ranking.

If you sell products on your website and you accept credit card payment, for the sake of your customers you must use an SSL certificate on your site. An SSL certificate secures all your online communication and transactions with your customers. Protecting you and your customers. Without the protection of an SSL certificate your site is vulnerable to phishing attacks and your customers’ personal information is not safe.

We use Amazon Web Services for our web hosting services. Offering the best infrastructure for your business, we want to make sure that the website loading speed is fast and that your customers have a great experience independent where they are.

Starting and running a business or blog that requires active contribution is an ongoing project that requires dedication, persistence and passion. We’re happy to help you with the technical side and would love to take part in your initial brainstorming. Together we’ll prepare your business plan and set future goals. Don’t forget, it’s an ongoing project and requires commitment to succeed.

Outsourcing the technical stuff to us gives you time to focus on the marketing of your business.