Domain Control Panel

Manage all your online needs in one place

Manage Domains

Our domain control panel makes the management of your domain names efficient and convenient with features like domain folders and automated renewal mode.

Control DNS

Using our free anycast nameserver infrastructure allows you to control, update and manage your DNS entries and zone files right here in your domain account with us.

Organise your IT

Domain names, email addresses, web hosting, SSL certificates, anycast nameservers, organise, track and manage all your online needs in one control panel.

State of the art domain management

We constantly refine our Domain Control Panel with the feedback of our customers, adding new features and improving existing ones. Our goal is to make the management of domain names and digital products as simple as possible. Register, update or transfer your domain names.
Project your identity and domain ownership with our Whois Privacy service. Add a personal email address or hosting to your domain name. Control domain contacts, nameservers and dns records in your account. Our domain control panel gives you full control over your digital assets. Want to know more? Create a free account and discover many more features.

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Manage Domains

Our Domain Control Panel makes domain management super easy and convenient. Register new domain names, transfer existing ones or update them one by one or in bulk. Use domain folders to organise your domain names in categories. You can select domain folders and apply updates or changes to all containing domain names with few clicks. Change nameservers, zone files or contacts of a whole domain category at the same time.

Everything in one Place

Keep all your domain names in the same control panel, together with your other products and services. Renew, update or change the DNS of your names servers with few clicks, add Domain Privacy, Hosting or Email addresses to your domain names. Use our nameserver infrastructure and manage the DNS, zone files and name server records in your account. Create and save contact profiles, nameserver or zone profiles for easy to re-use.

Track Orders & Invoices

Control and track your past orders, invoices and payments in the billing area. Add or remove credit cards or other payment methods or upload credit to your account. Create multiple billing profiles that can be selected and applied to orders. This allows account owners to manage domains and products for different companies or businesses all in the same account.

Statistics & Exports

The statistics area gives you a full overview of your account and all your product with pie charts and graphs. You can use the reporting feature to export any information in your account into Excel, CSV file or PDF. Export a list of your domain names including assigned contacts and nameservers, or get a full history of your invoices, orders or transactions.


Create sub-accounts and grant your peers access to specific domain folders. Select a user role for sub-accounts, defining their access rights and available functions. This is a great solution for companies who want to give employees or departments safe and controlled access.

Account Settings

Update your contact profile or add email addresses for billing or technical notifications. Protect your account from unauthorised access and activate the Two Step Authentication system. This free solution sends a changing PIN code to the account owner which is needed to login.

Online & Account Security

The positive development of more people having access to the Internet, comes unfortunately with the down-side of increasing numbers of fraudsters, identity thieves and scammers that try to enrich themselves at the expense of others.
Online Security and protecting one’s identity and assets, whether personal or professional, plays an increasingly important role in everyday life.
With so many cheap, easy to use and simple solutions available, there’s no excuse for not protecting yourself, your online business and your customers from fraud and phishing attempts and scams.
Recovering from reputational and financial damage can be a long and expensive process and is often impossible. Better safe than sorry; ensure you’re covered with the right security products and services.
Protection starts with your account
Our control panel includes a Two-Step verification (TSV) process (also known as Two-Factor Authentication - TFA). The TSV adds an additional step to the login process; a passcode sent to your mobile phone, meaning that only you have access.
Without your mobile phone and the passcode, no unauthorised person can login to your domain account and hi-jack your domains or domain portfolio. An IP Address White Listing features allows you to block access from all other sources except for the white listed IP addresses.

Start with your first domain name

Check if your preferred domain name is still available or transfer an existing domain name and start benefitting from our state-of-the-art domain control platform and features.