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Vodafone discontinuing free email addresses

Just a few days ago Vodafone announced their plans to discontinue all of their free email address solutions. Vodafone took this decision after ongoing problems and technical issues resulted in increased amount of spam for the users and noticable delays. Services affected by the shut down:

  • vodafone.co.nz
  • vodafone.net.nz
  • ihug.co.nz
  • wave.co.nz
  • quik.co.nz
  • pcconnect.co.nz
  • paradise.net.nz
  • clear.net.nz
  • es.co.nz


What does that mean for me?

If you are one of the 250.000 people who is using a Vodafone email address, you will need to find a new email provider and setup a new email address. Vodafone will shut down their service officially on the 30th November, after that day your email address will no longer work.

Vodafone plans to offer their customers an email forwarding solution, which will forward any emails sent to their customer’s discontinued email address, to any new email address their customers are going to setup.

In other words, lets say you own “emma.example@vodafone.co.nz”, after the 30th November, Vodafone would forward all emails sent to his address to your new email address for example “emma.example@gmail.com”.

This forwarding would only cover any new emails but does not solve the issue with your existing emails, to which you will no longer have access after the shut down of the service. We recommend that you export your emails or alternatively forward important emails to your new email address in order not to lose them.

What options do I have for a new email address?

You can follow Vodafone’s recommendation to sign up for a Gmail (Google) or Outlook (Microsoft) email address, or any other free email address provider. For those of you who want a more professional and personalised solution, we recommend to setup an email address under your own domain name. We have setup a special email address promotion for this purpose.

Moreweb NZ offers every New Zealander that is affected by the discontinuation of the following Vodafone email solutions, a free email address under their personal free .KIWI domain name. You will find all information you need to know under the following link: moreweb.nz/products/personal-email-address


What can I do about that?

Currently you are using an email address under one of the above mentioned domain names. If you get your own domain name, you can setup an email address under any available name you like. The advantage is that you will always remain in full control over your email, because you own the domain name.

How does it work?

Use the search box below to check if your preferred domain name is still available. You can select from over 800+ different extensions, or you can use our offer to get a free .KIWI domain name. Once you have found a domain name you like, proceed by creating an account. Before the checkout, simply enter the promo code EMAIL and get your domain name and email address for free.

Why do I need a domain name?

Every email address is based on a domain name for example “yourname@vodafone.co.nz” is based on the domain name “vodafone.co.nz”, “yourname@gmail.com” used the domain name “gmail.com”. In order for you to get your personal .KIWI email address, you need to have your own .KIWI domain name.

Will this service remain free?

The email address and cloud storage will always remain 100% free with Moreweb NZ, as long as you keep your domain name. Your domain name needs to be renewed on a yearly basis in order to keep the ownership of the domain.

What is the advantage?

If you have your email address under your own domain name, you are in full control over it. No-one can simply discontinue your email service as long as you own your domain name. Additionally, you can use the domain name to setup your own blog or website if you wish to do so.

How long does the setup take until my email is available?

The registration of your domain name and setup of the free email account is pretty straight forward. It should not take you longer than 10 minutes to have your mailbox setup and ready to be used. This includes everything, from the setup of your account, the registration of your domain name and the setup of your new email address.

Does this also work with an existing domain name?

Yes sure, if you have an existing domain name and want to make use of our free email solution, simply transfer your domain name into your account with us and redeem your free email account. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance with the transfer, we are happy to help.

Can you help me with the setup and change of my email address?

We are more than happy to assist you with the setup of your email address. If you have further questions you can visit our special promo email page with a detailed guide or contact us. You can send an email to “help@moreweb.nz” and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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