What are alias email addresses?

Have you noticed that you can reach us under hello@moreweb.nz, help@moreweb.nz as well as under support@moreweb.nz?

These look like three different email addresses but they are actually the same. Emails sent to any of those three end up in the same mailbox. We call those alternative email addresses or alias mailboxes.

This is not unusual. You might even have alias email addresses yourself without knowing. Many companies setup alias mailboxes for their employees. A typical case would be variants of an employees name, one of which is the main mailbox, e.g.:

john.smith@yourbusiness.kiwi (main mailbox)

There is technically no limit to alias email addresses per mailbox but each alias mailbox is unique. In other words, if our friend John Smith has the alias john@yourbusiness.kiwi assigned, his colleague John Turner unfortunately won’t be able to use the same john@yourbusiness.kiwi short alias.

Why are alias addresses needed?

While there is no requirement to use alias email addresses, they are actually quite useful. In the above example, it is often convenient to give someone a shorter, more memorable mailbox version. If you have an unusual or long name that people tend to misspell, setting up those typical misspellings as alias email addresses will make sure you receive those emails either way.

Aliases are also useful if people have a certain role. If John Turner is the companies accountant, he might have the alias accounting@yourbusiness.kiwi or accountant@yourbusiness.kiwi assigned to him.


What else can I do with alias email addresses?

Another useful way of using alias are campaigns, events or short term uses. For example, if you have a marketing campaign for Christmas. You could setup xmas2021@yourbusiness.kiwi to seperate those specific emails from your standard marketing emails.

Especially widely distributed email addresses like campaigns or promotion ones tend to attract spam. Once your event is well over, there is likely no need to hold onto that email address. Removing it will then also cut off any potential spam emails and keep things tidy and clean. Great, isn’t it?


Are there any rules to alias mailboxes?

Other that they are unique, you need to keep in mind that alias email addresses are not independent mailboxes. They are assigned to and dependant of their main mailbox. Any alias mailbox cannot be used as independent mailbox at the same time.

For example, if your company gets bigger and John Turner is no longer the only accountant but instead he is one of three. The company could decide to delete/remove accounting@yourbusiness.kiwi as his alias and instead set it up as independent email address that reaches the whole accounting team.


Do alias email addresses cost extra?

If you think great, but all those extra aliases look expensive, I have good news for you. You can create up to 100 aliases per mailbox completely for free. Good news isn’t it?

In case you are keen to setup your own alias emails, the following step-by-step guide will show you how it works. It is really very easy.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need help.

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