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How do I bring my business online during Covid-19 lockdown?

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting business both locally and internationally, many businesses are thinking outside of the box and moving their business activities online. This may be something you have considered yourself but are unsure where to start. This blog will provide you with some easy ideas to continue offering your services and connecting with your customers online.


Which Businesses Should Move Online?

Any Small Business Owners
Any business should look at having an online presence and today is as good a day as any. With the Yellow Pages becoming thinner each year, consumers tend to ‘google’ a company or ask a friend for a recommendation and then conduct their own online research from there.

Whether you’re a mechanic, knife sharpener, butcher, tutor or domain register like we are, every company can benefit from an online presence and a mandatory lockdown is an excellent time to look a bringing your business online.

By taking the time now to focus on your e-commerce strategy, you will establish easier access to your market and potentially reduce overheads post-lockdown.

Restaurants and Bars
Only essential and approved services can still operate during lockdown but this doesn’t mean you stop connecting with your audience. You can offer your clients gift cards or vouchers to buy now and use later. You can even look at offering $50 vouchers for $40 for use post-lockdown to sweeten the deal.

Many people are looking for a personal connection at this point too. Your team can become the digital face of your brand during lockdown with special online events such as videos of wine tastings, recipes, instructional videos, a virtual bar or cocktail courses. Post lockdown your clientele will be encouraged to visit your team and to try that drink in person.

Clothing, Jewellery & Cosmetics Stores
No matter if your business is big or small, your e-commerce strategy should continue in any situation. Your employees can become social media influencers and connect with customers virtually demonstrating various products or new styles.

If you have a clothing store, why not offer styling sessions where you look at what is in your customers’ wardrobe and offer items from your brand that will work well with their existing outfits and style.

Personal Trainers and Gyms
Many gyms, personal trainers and yoga instructors are already offering classes online through various platforms including Instagram, Facebook live and YouTube. While many instructors have a varied level of success, this is a good opportunity for you to retain your clientele who will be missing your face.

Many people are talking to friends and family much more too so you may even find yourself receiving referrals. While staying fit during the crisis is important, you can also offer buy 9 get 1 free pre-pay classes or run a competition to ensure clients return to your classes post lock down.

Beauty Industry
While you are unable to give a haircuts or massages to your clients remotely, you can still share your expertise. The options are endless with natural at home remedies, hair care, skin care, Instagram demonstrations, video consultations and online make up courses to name a few.

We have even heard of people who are unable to get their gel nails removed – you may have a hack that could help people during this lockdown period until they can see you again.

While this may not create instant revenue for you, you will be gaining brand awareness and a sense of community for your clients. To gain some immediate revenue, you can also offer discounted vouchers to use at a later date.

Music, Art and Language Teachers
There has never been a better time to start remote classes. Video apps can provide you with visual connections to your students. Depending on what you are teaching you can also offer live video classes which can help students practice a new skill.

By providing your own website with this content and a price structure you can look professional and continue teaching your classes. Some people also provide their classes for free with a donate button which could help people gain access to your classes while paying what they can afford.

Entertainment Industry
Many people utilise social media to promote their events however a website can provide fans direct access to you, promote gigs and provide industry professionals who may be interested in collaborating your contact details.

You can also provide links to your projects and also track traffic so you can know when your projects are especially popular.
Health Professionals

More health professionals are utilising digital media than ever before. Some psychologists are offering video and phone sessions. Furthermore, providing a website which includes a photo of yourself and some FAQs, may encourage someone who is having a difficult time to reach out for help.

Lawyers and Accountants
It has been reported that a number of lawyers and accountants have moved their in-person appointments online. These businesses have also included a platform for clients to share documents and information. While for legal reasons many of these businesses will require traditional brick and mortar addresses, this option could reduce your overheads by moving in to smaller offices.

Lawyers and Accountants may also benefit from including a FAQ section to their website which can help with clients most common questions. Remember to include working hours and contact details so clients can always get in touch with you.

Buying or Selling Property
Many real estate agents are requesting video meetings to get a tour of a property that needs a valuation during lockdown. These meetings can also provide clients with some selling advice such as moving or removing furniture.

Having your own website with a video demonstration of a meeting and list of previous sales is a great way to get more clients on board during lockdown.

How Do I Get My Business Online?

We have several options that can help a wide range of businesses including e-commerce, promoting services, blogs or start-ups.

Create Your Own Website
In many cases, your website is the main advertising platform for your business. If you promote your products and services, share information such as business hours, contact details and have an FAQ page, you are well on your way to getting started.

With Octopoly, you can create your own website with the click of a few buttons. Or we can help you design and setup a website for you.

1. Get Your Domain Name. What’s a domain name? This is your web address, it could include your company name, an acronym and should represent your business. Check available domain names.

2. Get Your WordPress Package. With Octopoly’s managed WordPress package, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that you’re using one of the most utilised content management systems in the world. And by ordering the managed package you won’t need to worry about updates, security or loss of data.

Also, to complete that professional look, all of our WordPress packages include a free email address.

Do You Want Your Business Online?
If you have some questions or need a little help before you get started, we are here to help. Contact Octopoly team on 027 699 8889 or email, we’re happy to help.

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