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Did you know you can get a website for your business for under $500?

We have heard of a number of companies that haven’t bought their business online due to the expected high costs associated with this. If you have the same concerns, we have good news for you: It has never been easier or more affordable to create a website with Moreweb, a locally owned and operated business.

How does Moreweb bring businesses online for under $500?

The majority of small to medium businesses can be online within a week thanks to our instant domain registration and managed WordPress packages with Jetpack. If you’re unsure what this is, contact us and we’d be happy to take you through it.

While it is true that paying agencies to develop a website was more expensive a few years ago, with the huge variety of different tools and methods available today, this is no longer the case. From super user-friendly website builders, which allow even amateurs to create their own websites, to improved infrastructure for web designers and companies, a lot has changed over the years. And we believe this has changed for the better, and the more affordable!

How long is a piece of string?

$500 is a starting point for a basic website that you can take over and run yourself – and we’d be happy to provide you with the tools so you will know-how. For larger businesses such as big online stores, the pricing structure will be different and we’re happy to provide you with a quote for this. While you’re deciding what kind of website you’d like, you may want to register your domain.

Not sure which website option is right for you?

The local Moreweb NZ team are here to help. Tell us what your business is and what you want to achieve and we can let you know your options. Maybe for your business an easy one-page site where contact details are enough. Or perhaps a small online store is the right way to go so you can grow your business without the traditional bricks and mortar rental prices. A website may just help you future-proof your business.

But I’ve never had a website, I don’t know how to make one!

We understand that creating a website doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But that is where we can help. We will talk to you to gauge your understanding of technology. We can help you learn what to do or if you’re not interested in creating any of your website yourself, we’re happy to help! We can even help you write content and get images!

Feel free to contact us for a chat. Let us help you create a website and bring your business online.

Octopoly Piggy Bank on pole with background

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