Difference Between a Domain and Email Address

Digital lingo can be confusing but today we are looking to answer the question: What is the difference between a domain name and an email address? We will use our contacts as an example.

In the image above, the moreweb.nz part is the domain. The domain is like a phone number and will essentially always get you through to the correct company.

The mail box is the DDI that gets you to a specific person within the company. So in the example above, ‘hello’ is a the mail box that goes to our team.

As we have the domain moreweb.nz, we are the only company that can use this. There can however be other companies that use the mail box ‘hello’. However, they cannot use the moreweb.nz part as that is something only we use.

You can also tell the difference between a domain and an email address with the use of the ‘@’ symbol. If you see this symbol, you know you are looking at an email address.

Previously domains would also start with www. which stood for world wide web but this is no longer required to be typed in ahead of the domain.

Also, if you’re interested in looking at the difference in domain extensions – .co.nz vs .com and so on, check out our article here.

If you have a company and are wanting to use an email address with the domain of your company, you’ll need to register this with a domain provider, like Moreweb.

And now you know when you ask for a domain, you will know that you will also be able to make various email addresses from the domain.

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