Why should I use a custom email address?

Emails, more specifically custom email is a key tool for running your small business. From receiving and answering customer enquiries to sending out invoices, receipts, newsletters, and promotional messages, email is integral to your everyday functions.

However, emails are more than just a way to communicate. It’s also an important element of your brand identity. A custom email address uses your business’s domain name (e.g., hello@yourbusiness.kiwi), instantly showing your customers that a message is from you. 

Having a custom email address isn’t just about nice branding, though. Here are seven reasons why you should use one for your small business.

It’s more professional

A custom email address shows your customers that you’re legitimate, credible, and care enough about your business to invest in your branding. Using free services like Gmail or Yahoo creates an impression of impermanence – if you can’t afford a custom email, will you be around long enough to deliver the goods or services you’re selling?

A custom email is more trustworthy

Your customers are more likely to recognise and trust mail from a branded domain than a random free email address. The bulk of spam mail comes from free addresses, and, therefore, people are more reluctant to click on them, and spam filters are more likely to intercept them.

A custom email address is easier to remember

When the domain part of your email address is your business name, people only have to remember the username at the front, like ‘enquiries’ or ‘info’ (@yourbusiness.co.nz).

It ensures you don’t lose ownership of your inbox

Fore as long as you retain ownership of your domain, your email is yours. If you’re using a free email provider, you’re at the mercy of any decisions they make about the services they offer. They might close down or drastically reduce their free storage limits. If you’re using a free email address provided by your Internet Service Provider, you’ll lose it if you switch to another supplier.

It improves your security

Email addresses that come with custom domains often have built-in virus protection and are covered by the SSL certificates that protect your domain’s website. SSL certificates encrypt your email’s contents to prevent them from being hacked. You can read more about SSL certificates on the Moreweb blog. All of Moreweb’s email packages have built-in antivirus software.

Custom email is highly configurable

You’re not limited to just one custom email address. You can create multiple aliases for your domain, such as accounts@yourbusiness.co.nz for invoices and receipts and enquiries@yourbusiness.co.nz for customer queries. Not only does this enable you to filter incoming mail into different inboxes, but it also shows your customers at a glance exactly what kind of communication you’re sending them. Moreweb’s email addresses come with unlimited aliases.

It reduces the number of lost emails

If your email host has a catch-all feature, then anything sent to your domain will arrive, even if the sender spells the username incorrectly. For example, if your customer types enqires@yourbusiness.com instead of enquiries@yourbusiness.com, you’ll still receive their message – very handy in these days of autocorrect and people trying to type on tiny phone keyboards!

Get your domain through Moreweb, and you’ll receive a custom email address with a basic email hosting plan for free, including virus protection, unlimited aliases, catch-all, and productivity tools.