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Jetpack plugin and what it offers

Why do customers love the Jetpack plugin? It keeps their website stable, secure and up-to-date with all of the features required wrapped up in one easy to use package.
Like a house your website needs to be built on a foundation, Jetpack.
The features included in the Jetpack bundle help you keep your website secure, maintain your branding and help develop engagement with your expanding audience.

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Downtime monitoring

Having an online presence is a critical part of business today. When a potential customer types in your domain and sees a professional website, this first impression is the first step to building a trusting relationship. A sudden surge in traffic can occur for a number of reasons for example, problems with the hosting provider or unauthorised access. This is where Jetpacks Downtime Monitoring comes in. This is how it works:

  • Various servers worldwide will ping your website at regular five minute intervals and then await a reply.
  • When a website is offline, alerts are sent either via email, mobile alerts or both. Another message is sent once the website is back online.
  • You can select the notifications to go to any email address.
  • Downtime monitoring will provide a full report for the downtime period once the website is back online.

Website Backups

By subscribing to our WordPress hosting with a Jetpack licence, you essentially double-layer your back up. The first back up is included within our servers and the second backup is completed as a part of your Jetpack license. Think of it as having a spare key.
In the unlikely event that you will require access to your backups, you will be pleased to hear these are backed up daily and archived for 30 days. We understand the feeling of losing data can be a nerve-wracking time so our professional support team is available to help guide you through the process.

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Site activity

If your website is managed by a team of people, the site activity feature can help you keep your website working smoothly. This feature helps you keep track of who has made changes and detailed information on each change that occurs on both the WordPress and Jetpack activities. You have the option to view the 20 most recent events, events that have occurred in previous 30 days and the types of events that have occurred.


Security is a high priority for any business or blog. Give yourself peace of mind by protecting your website from any spam, brute force logins and harmful malware attacks. Review form submissions and comments that have been flagged as spam and receive notifications of any possible security threats found within one your plugins or theme files.

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Automatic updates

When you are focusing on business, you don’t want to stop for updates. Set the pre-installed plugins you would like to automatically updated and Jetpack will do the rest when a new version becomes available. This both ensures your website is always using the latest and stable versions ensuring the best user experience – and once set up, you don’t have to lift a finger.

Expert support

As a Moreweb customer, you will always receive local and professional support when needed. Our skilled team is available for those times when you need some extra help. Also, when you purchase our WordPress with Jetpack hosting, you will additionally receive support from Jetpack, a specialist team with extensive knowledge of the WordPress platform. Every Managed WordPress customer receives the following:

  • Support from Moreweb (orders, queries, basic installs, domain registrations, domain transfers and SSL queries)
  • Priority support from Jetpack (specialist email support for WordPress and Jetpack queries)
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