Jetpack WordPress Themes

Access 100+ professional themes as part of your plan

Choose from over 100 WordPress Themes

Did you know that our managed WordPress hosting comes with a full Jetpack integration and the required licence?
This means that you have hundreds of professional website themes and templates available at your fingertips.
Whether you’re blogging or in business, we have all your website needs sorted.

How do I find my ideal WordPress theme?

The themes are categorised to help you find your ideal website theme. With the majority of them optimised to be used effectively with mobile devices, your visitors can easily access your content or purchase products or services while on the go.
To help keep things fresh, you also have the option to switch between different themes without affecting any of your existing content. This means you are free to test out different themes without losing your precious data or content.
Have a look through the options, try some different styles, layouts and features. Choose your favourite and get started with Moreweb’s Managed WordPress Hosting solution.

Portfolio WordPress themes

Are you an artist, photographer or just want to show photos or pictures of your work on your website? Then check out the portfolio category with themes designed to showcase your creativity.

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Blog WordPress themes

Any new blogger wants to ensure their content is easy to access and stands out from the crowd. No matter the subject matter for your blog, the Jetpack WordPress themes will help you find your best look for your new website.

Business WordPress themes

Does your business need a strong online presence or do you need a website for ecommerce reasons? WordPress themes offer a wide range of support for all types of businesses. We also have a wide range of engaging new domain extensions work with your business.

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Magazine WordPress themes

Looking to create a magazine style website? We have a theme that will suit you with the option to customise and suit the requirements for any new online publication.

Beginner WordPress themes

If you are new to WordPress, Jetpack also offers a number of easy to use themes that are particularly useful to help new users get started. Once you’re confident with WordPress you can always change to a different theme without the worry about migrating all of your data. WordPress and Jetpack make it easy to change with one simple click and an in-built preview feature to you can see how your new theme looks before publishing.

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Customisation of WordPress themes

With most WordPress themes providing options to customise themes to suit your style, you can personalise your theme. Customisation options include:

  • Logo
  • Header image
  • Blog title & description
  • Layout Design, Structure & Order
  • Background images
  • Website colors
  • Menus
  • Widgets

Are you ready to start your WordPress site?

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