What is domain name contact validation and why do I need it?

What is domain contact validation and why do I need it?

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The contact validation is a new requirement for accredited registrars, which was introduced by ICANN. As an ICANN accredited registrar, Moreweb is obliged to ensure that the contact information registrants use to register their domains, is up to date. In order to achieve that, Moreweb sends out a confirmation email to the email address associated with each domain, once a year and every time the domain details have been modified.

The contact validation email looks like the following:

From: support@moreweb.nz
Subject: Urgent Domain Validation Needed

Hello [customer’s name],

Important: You have registered the domain names shown below with Moreweb, and are required to validate your contact details. Failure to do so will lead to the suspension of your account, and any domain names associated with it.

Why am I being asked to validate my contact details?

ICANN, the governing body for domain names requires that the contact details provided to register a domain name are validated at least once a year. To validate your email address, please click the link below.

[LINK_VALIDATE MY EMAIL ADDRESS] Alternatively, please visit [LINK_XXXXXXXX] and enter the following validation code:


You have been sent this email because the following domain names are registered to this email address:


You can find out more information about the contact validation policy in this support article.

Best wishes,
The Moreweb Team

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