How to configure my webmail account?

How can I configure my webmail account?

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The webmail interface is fully configurable. The below steps will show you how to configure your webmail account:

  1. Login to your webmail account. Use the mailbox name (your email address) and your password (the one you used when creating the mailbox).
  2. Click on the menu icon (the three bars) in the upper right corner and select SETTINGS. The most important mail settings are the following:
    • A) Basic settings: you can change here your contact details, the language of the webinterface as well as the time zone.
    • B) Accounts: this section allows you to add external mailboxes that are hosted by other providers (accounts you have with Gmail,, etc.). You will find the step by step guide how to do that under the following link.
    • C) Email: the email section enables you to configure the following:
      - Auto Forwards and Email Forwarding rules, see the configuration steps under the following link.
      - Catch-All to external email address. This option requires you to activate the catch all option in your Moreweb account. Once this is done you need to configure a forwarding rule as explained here.
      - Vacation or absence notices, are helpful if you want an automatic email reply if you are not available for a certain period of time.
      - Signatures, a message automatically shown under every email. Usually the signature contains your name, phone number and address etc.

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