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List of New Domain Extensions

All Domain Registration Prices shown are in NZD and excluding GST.
The domain name registration fee is always for the minimum registration, which is in most cases 1 year.
Each domain name comes with an personal email address and cloud storage.

Extension Fee Purpose Similar Extensions
.ABOGADO $ 68.00 Lawyer in Spanish


.ACADEMY $ 42.00 Academies and educational sector


.ACCOUNTANT $ 48.00 Accountants


.ACCOUNTANTS $ 135.00 Accountants


.ACTOR $ 56.00 Actors and movie sector


.ADULT $ 168.00 Adult industry


.AGENCY $ 32.00 Agencies and businesses


.AIRFORCE $ 52.00 Military sector


.APARTMENTS $ 80.00 Real estate sector


.APP $ 27.00
.ARMY $ 45.00 Military sector


.ART $ 22.00
.ASSOCIATES $ 45.00 Businesses and professionals


.ATTORNEY $ 62.00 Attorneys


.AUCTION $ 52.00 Auctions and auction houses


.AUDIO $ 190.00 Audio related websites


.AUTO $ 4850.00 Car industry


.BABY $ 120.00
.BAND $ 36.00 Music groups


.BANK $ 2480.00 Banks and financial institutes


.BAR $ 110.00 Bar-related sites and companies


.BARGAINS $ 52.00 Commercial and marketing


.BASKETBALL $ 139.00
.BEER $ 52.00 Beers and breweries


.BEST $ 168.00 Advertisement and marketing


.BET $ 32.00 Gambling websites


.BIBLE $ 165.00
.BID $ 48.00 Auctions, online auctions


.BIKE $ 52.00 Biking related websites


.BINGO $ 74.00 Gambling websites


What are nTLDs?

New domain extensions are the result of a special programme which allows any company or private person to apply for and run their very own domain extension. Effectively it means that anybody who had the funds and interest in running their own registry and domain extension(s), can do so. Since 2013 users can choose from a much larger variety of domain extensions.
This is the result of a special programme launched by ICANN. ICANN listened to the Internet community and chose to allow applications for new domain extensions in order to increase the choice for future new business and domain owners. One of the main arguments for the new domains was that the name space under the existing generic domain extension, in particular under .COM, had become overcrowded and that there were less good domain names available.
In particular domain registrants from developing countries and areas that only recently gained access to the Internet welcomed the decision of ICANN. The rest are generic extensions with specific purposes like .WEBSITE, .COMPANY or .BLOG, .SCIENCE, .PHOTOGRAPHY and geographical extensions like .NYC (New York City), .BERLIN, .LASVEGAS. There are also various TLDs representing cultures and communities for example .KIWI, .IRISH, or .GAY.