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.NZ Pricing*

Setup Fee $ 0.00
Anual Fee $ 25.00 1 year minimum
Renewal Fee $ 25.00 1 year minimum
Update Fee $ 0.00
Trade Fee $ 60.00
Transfer Fee $ 0.00
Reactivation Fee $ 40.00 + 1 Renewal Fee

*All prices quoted are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

.NZ Details

Domain length 1 - 63 characters
Numbers allowed
Hyphen allowed
IDN not allowed
Minimum Subscription 1 year
Minimum Renewal Period 1 year
Registration delay 1-3 days

Register .NZ Domain Name

Another country code domain name, .NZ is the website extension for New Zealand. New Zealand might be all the way down at the bottom of the world, but it's home to a captive market and a cultural melting pot of over 4.4 million people. Craving connection, New Zealanders are avid internet users, so a .NZ website domain will tap into their sense of national pride and enable you to connect with this community.

Although it denotes New Zealand, from a geographical perspective, there are no restrictions around the use of this domain name and it can be registered by individuals or businesses the world over.

Whether you want to virtually cheer on the All Blacks rugby team, discuss the habits of the flightless national bird, the Kiwi, or connect with New Zealanders for any other purpose, and from any other place, online a .NZ domain registration will enable you to do just that. Signal your desire to do business with Kiwis and you'll be rewarded.