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.CO.UK Pricing*

Setup Fee $ 0.00
Anual Fee $ 18.00 1 year minimum
Renewal Fee $ 18.00 1 year minimum
Update Fee $ 0.00
Trade Fee $ 60.00
Transfer Fee $ 0.00
Reactivation Fee $ 40.00 + 1 Renewal Fee

*All prices quoted are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

.CO.UK Details

Domain length 2 - 63 characters
Numbers allowed
Hyphen allowed
IDN not allowed
Minimum Subscription 1 year
Minimum Renewal Period 1 year
Registration delay 1-3 days

Register .CO.UK Domain Name

The United Kingdom - that area comprised of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - was the world's first industrialised nation and remains a significant global power when it comes to economic, cultural, scientific and political influence. If you mean business, you need a .CO.UK domain extension, the commercial domain name for British businesses.

This popular domain extension bestows your brand with credibility and allows you to tap into a population of more than 64 million people that make up the UK's high-income economy.

Although geographically specific, the .CO.UK domain extension has no restrictions on its use, so if you're a business within the UK, or elsewhere on the globe and wanting to access this market, you can register your web presence as .CO.UK. Similarly, sole traders and individuals looking to increase their professionalism can build their brand with .CO.UK.

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