What are the key bits of information I need on my website?

There are many ways that a website can benefit your business. Research has shown that these days, having a business website is as crucial as having a Facebook page or telephone number.

In the Internet Age, websites offer the user convenience as they can access the information they need in the comfort of their own home, with no added pressure to buy. In today’s modern world, there is an expectation for any reputable company to have some kind of online presence.

Potential customers would likely be distrusting of any business that didn’t have a telephone number or a physical address, and the same can be said for not having a website and email address. These are useful tools to share crucial information about your business with customers and answer all the questions that they may have.

What’s more, having a good quality, easy-to-use website makes customers feel comfortable using your services, as they will assume they can expect the same positive experience in all areas of your business.

Domain Name

Your domain name, also known as your website, is often the entry point to your site. It is important that it makes a good impression for usability purposes, as well as for search engine optimization (SEO).

You should: make it easy to spell, keep it as short as possible, use the proper domain extension, avoid numbers and hyphens, keep the address broad to facilitate future growth, ensure it is memorable, avoid nonsensical names, and research the domain name. If you are not sure, please get in touch and we can help you find the perfect domain name.

Website Hosting

A website host is a company that offers the technology and services necessary for a website to be viewed on the internet. You connect your domain name to your hosting provider so that when users visit your website address, they are shown your website that you store on your hosting account. Choosing a good website hosting plan is crucial.

  • Make sure that you use local hosting. The majority of web providers simply resell hosting packages from larger hosting companies, many of which are based out of the US or Europe. In general, there is nothing wrong with that, but websites hosted overseas are not always the fastest. Or in other words, if your website server is located in the US, that can mea that your website loads much slower, which results in a bad user experience. Ask your hosting provider if their hosting solution is located in New Zealand or Australia.
  • Select a hosting package that is scalable. It is important that the hosting package you choose allows for growth. Having to move an established website because it has outgrown its allocated web space is not always easy and straight forward. While moving a website is generally possibly, it can result in a temporary outage – website offline means no business.

Make sure your hosting company has phone and/or chat support so you can be helped quickly if you have a problem. Email support can often take too long and become frustrating when a problem needs to be resolved straight away.

If you choose Moreweb, we recommend our Managed WordPress hosting. It takes away all technical aspects and includes automated website backup, full security as well as many other features.


The last important part is content, good quality content. Start with your about page and tell customers about yourself and your business. What makes you unique? What are you passionate about? Why should they care? Be approachable, be yourself, users love relatable people, good stories and causes they can get behind.

Write your content with your customers in mind. Don’t try to “overfeed” search engines with the overuse of keywords. As much as Googles algorithm loves keywords, it equally – if not more – prefers content written for actual people.

Add product descriptions and details to your product page. Potential customers appreciate detailed information as it allows them to make an educated decision.

And let’s not forget the visual aspect. Good content loves the company of great imagery. Use graphics, images and photos to bring your product and story closer to your customers.

If you need help or are not sure what to do, feel free to get in touch. We are happy to help.

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